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About Us

We promote our motto,


Any Spare Part, anywhere in the world,


because, yes, we will find it, 

because yes, we can help,

because yes, we can make your aircraft fly again  !!!!


The idea was born in 2008, aiming to create a company that provides to the aviation field,  aviation products, and services at the most competitive prices and full technical support. With already more than thirty years of experience in aviation, engineering, electronics, and installation, but also with the experience of a simple consumer, we founded in 2008 our company. Our company is staffed with personnel, who are professional pilots and licensed engineers following closely the development of aviation technology to meet the real needs of the aviation operators and MRO's. Our primary interest is friendly support and professional after-sales services and support. 


At Balkan Aviation, we focus on a lot of aviation things but especially for two: aircraft parts, services, and the people who need them. We are committed to carrying the most comprehensive inventory of aviation spares in the world, for owners and operators of all types of aircraft. From avionics and lining (brakes) to landing gear and fuselage parts, we efficiently deliver high-quality parts at low prices that keep our customers coming back.


With Balkan's and Europe shipping capabilities, our staff serves with an expert understanding of aviation parts and the needs of our customers.


We are here to help you.

Our Services

We are an independent aircraft parts stockist and distributor that have quality solutions for your requirements.

Our team ensures that whatever parts you require, no matter what business aircraft type you have, the stock is available for immediate despatch. Alternatively, we can broker non stocked items through our supplier's network, and we have access to a huge inventory listing all over the world. Finding for you the most items quickly, we save you both time and money and maintenance fees